Amazing 7 lemon tree growth stages

Are you a fan of freshly squeezed lemon juice or do you love gardening? Then, you can grow a lemon tree on your own. So, for that, you want to be familiar with the amazing 7 lemon tree growth stages. Lemon trees can grown on outdoors and indoors. So, for that growing and all the process, you have to be familiar with the life cycle or growth stages of a lemon tree.

Lemon trees can grow as much as faster and also can bear fruit for as little as two years, unlike other fruit trees. So, now we will be familiar with step by step lemon tree growth stages . So, if you understand the growth stages of lemon tree, you can start growing on its own.

Lemon trees have mainly five distinct growth stages, which are essential for their healthy development and yield. The first stage in lemon tree stages of growth is called seed germination, in which the lemon tree starts its growth journey. They form into young seedlings .

After the seedlings develop, the lemon tree enters into stages of lemon tree growth called the vegetative stage which has the specialities of robust foliage and a strong root system. Then, the third stage is called the reproductive phase, in this phase tree will produce fragrant flowers which will lastly transform into juicy lemons.

Then, the fruit ripens and turns into size and flavour. So, by understanding the growth stages of a lemon tree and by giving optimised care, it gets a good result and gives a delicious harvest. By giving the right conditions like ample sunlight, well-draining soil, proper watering and fertilization, we will get a good lemon tree and enjoy its taste for years.

So, the life cycle of a lemon tree begins with a seed, then it germinates and grows to form a sapling it is a relatively lengthy process as it takes as long as one or two years. Then, it takes about three to five years to start fruit growth. They are mostly propagated through grafting or budding to ensure their characteristics.

1. Germination

  We are mostly focusing on lemon tree growth stages from seed. Mostly lemon trees are small, smooth and can have a milky white hue. If all the environmental conditions are good, it can germinate to a new plant in 5 to 7 days. In the first lemon tree growth stages, you can see the emergence of roots and tiny leaves. When the seeds have germinated, they start to develop the sapling with roots, stems and leaves. Also, the growth rate of saplings depends on various factors.

Lemon tree growth stages| You Had Me At Gardening
Germination stage. Image source: You Made Me At Gardening

2. Seedling stage

 After the successful germination of lemon seeds, we can see small green leaves emerge from the soil. Then, the sprouts will continue to grow and will produce new leaves in this lemon tree growth stage, and then at last turn into established stems and leaves.

You have to be aware that plant needs plenty of water at this stage, especially during the hot summer. After 3 months, we can then transplant the seedlings into a full-sun location in the garden, as it mostly require good sunlight to thrive.It takes several months for the lemon seeds to develop depends on the specific lemon variety.

Sapling become more larger in this seedling stage, having a diameter of 1 to 5 inches which is at a point of 4 1/2 feet from the ground itself. We know that in this lemon tree growth stages, lemon seedlings are mostly kept in plastic bags with foam cells or wet newspaper but saplings are usually kept in a ball of soil which is wrapped in burlap.

Seedling stage | Lemon tree growth stages
Seedling stage. Image source: Medium

3. Youth and maturity

When the young seedlings grow, they become the sapling, and lemon tree growth stages and in this phase, it is very important to protect them from cold temperatures. Then, in the following growth stages of a lemon tree, the sapling will eventually turn to have denser leaves, robust trunks and branched thorns. As the first step, you want to select the location for planting it. Lemon trees are vigorous growers and then the crowding can increase disease and insect issues.

Also, you have to ensure that the location is not an area for flooding or having moist soil permanently.The site should need a good air circulation and have to be protected from cold north winds. Now, the lemon tree has become a mature plant having a sturdy trunk and branches. During all the growing stages, you have to take care of the plant to make a healthy plant. Plant has to be provided with good amount of water. Don’t overwater the plant as it can result in root rot and can destroy the plant. Mature lemon trees are more likely tolerant of cold weather.

Youth and Maturity| lemon tree growth stages
Youth and Maturity.Image source: Hunker

4. Flowering and fruiting

  During winter, your tree should begin forming buds at two years of growth. After the temperature rises mostly in early spring, from the flower buds beautiful flowers will emerge and produce little white blooms during this lemon tree growth stages. We know that lemon trees are self-pollinating which emphasises that they usually pollinate without the help of pollinators to produce fruit. When the flowers fade, they will eventually produce young lemon fruits which then turn to produce juicy treats.

In this stage. the tree growth can be seen and then the tree will be taller and more robust. In this lemon tree growth stages, it has a well-established root system and a fuller canopy having branches and foliage.The tree will produce more white flowers, which usually occur in the form of clusters. An important part of the flowering stage is called pollination. And also lemon trees don’t require cross-pollination to set the fruit. After the flowering stage, the lemon tree develops into a successful fruit. First, a green fruit forms and then the lemon fruit grows larger and change the colour.Then , it turns into a characteristic yellow colour.

So, for all that in this lemon tree growth stages, it requires the proper amount of water. If you are growing the lemon tree in a container, you have to ensure that the pot needs adequate drainage to prevent the root rot.

Flowering and fruiting | lemon tree growth stages
Flowering and fruiting .Image source:Agri Farming

5. Ripening lemons

  About 4 months are necessary for a lemon to become mature. In those lemon tree growth stages, you have to ensure that citrus trees keep well hydrated and fertilise regularly. Be aware of the pests, mainly aphids, that will harm the tree and can affect fruit production badly. If you find infestation in the growth stages of a lemon tree, prune the affected branches or affected leaves to prevent the spreading and apply the pesticides as needed.

As you know mature lemons have smooth, yellow skin and mainly are oblong. Based on growing conditions and fruit size, the type of lemon tree can vary. If you find a large lemon with thick skin, it may have originated from a grapefruit or tree rootstock.

Ripening lemons| lemon tree growth stages
Ripening lemons. Image source: Cooperative Extension University

6. Harvesting the lemons

    You have to wait until lemons become fully ripe before we are going to harvest them. As you know green lemons are unripe, which means if we pick them prematurely, they will not continue to grow and develop. So, wait till the lemons reach a rich, yellow, sunny colour.

Harvesting the lemons| lemon tree growth stages
Harvesting the lemons. Image source: Freepik

7. Drying

   As you don’t pick the lemons, they will mostly discoloured and withered. Then, at last, the lemons will detach from it. You also know that the tree will produce fruit until it gets a ripe age. Then, the cultivators usually collect the seeds and will begin to cultivate a new tree.

Drying| Lemon tree growth satges
Drying. Image source: Adobe Stock
  • It needs a warm subtropical or tropical region climate.
  • It needs a well-drained having slightly acidic to neutral soil
  • It needs at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily
  • It needs a healthy nursery-grown tree to ensure good fruit
  • It requires regular watering not over watering
  • The balanced fertiliser NPK ratio in citrus is 2:1:1 or 3:1:1
  • It has to be pruned annually in late winter or early spring in order to maintain the shape, size and overall health of the lemon tree
  • Monitor the lemon trees regularly as they may be susceptible to pests and diseases including the aphids , scale insects , citrus leaf miners and fungal diseases.
  • Also ensure to harvest lemons when they are mature and ripe.

So, now you guys know the lemon tree growth stages. We have gone through 7 lemon tree growth stages and the factors affecting it for successful production. The lemon tree growth stages take time to produce a delicious lemon. It may take 5 to 8 years. So, by considering these factors, you can start an indoor or outdoor lemon tree garden in your house.