How Do Succulents Grow From Seeds - An Amazing Journey!

How Do Succulents Grow From Seeds – An Amazing Journey!

We are back with another interesting topic. Guess what? This article tells you every detail about how succulents grow from seeds. Before getting into the conceptual details and factual information let us have a small discussion on what are succulents. The name sounds pretty interesting, right? Succulents are a diverse group of plant species that are found mostly in desert regions preferably arid and semi-arid regions. They have fleshy and juicy leaves, hence look succulent.

These are adapted to dry climatic conditions with their ability to store water in the specialized tissues. This mechanism will allow the plant to survive even in the scarcity of water and this makes them a perfect addition to a gardener who wishes for low-maintenance plants or one who is worried about watering and caring for them regularly. They care for themselves!

Succulents | Succulents grow from seeds
Succulents | Image credit: Hick nurseries

How Are Succulents Grown?

Can succulents grow from seeds? The propagating material and the growing methods of succulents vary depending on the species. Some of the succulents can be grown from cuttings. Some other cuttings can be propagated from seeds. Each species would have a different propagating mechanism. In this article, let us specifically concentrate on how succulents grow from seeds.

How Do You Grow Succulents From Seeds?

The propagation of any succulent from seed is an easy and cost-effective way to reward yourself with a tiny and beautiful creature that is transformed from a seed into a new plant. The growth process is similar to any other plant which is propagated from seed. But, in the case of succulents, most care and attention has to be given to the selection of seeds and also the media which is being used for the propagation. By the end of this discussion, you will understand the process of growing succulents from seeds.

Succulents early growth stage | Succulents grow from seeds
Succulent early growth stage | Image credit: Reddit

Essentials Needed For The Propagation Of Succulents From Seeds

Let us get into the details of how succulents grow from seeds. The basic essentials you need are as follows

  1. The first thing you need is the seeds. The seeds should be procured from a well-known source and should be free from any kinds of infestation. The choice of seeds will have a significant impact and hence proper attention has to be given. Select the seeds that suit your climate
  2. A lightweight media that facilitates easy drainage has to be selected. The media in which succulents are being grown should not retain much moisture. Perlite can be added to the media which promotes good aeration.
  3. The seeds must be placed in a shallow container or you can also prefer a pot with drainage holes that can drain excess water.
  4. During the entire growth process, proper humidity needs to be maintained especially during the germination. For this purpose, a transparent sheet is preferred
  5. The succulents always prefer a warm climate. A heat mat can be used to create an ideal condition that supports the growth process of succulents.
  6. This is a nuanced method of propagation and you can have a close watch on how to grow succulents from seeds

How Are Succulents Planted?

While you are working with the plantation of succulent seeds, make sure that the room is well-lit and there should be no provision for wind blow as the tiny succulent seeds can blow away. The seeds of succulent plants are very tiny and you cannot touch or feel them. After sowing them, just wet the soil using a mild sprayer. A bit of heavy watering can scatter away the seeds making them unevenly distributed. You can follow the toothpick technique for sowing the seeds. Damp one edge of the toothpick and then touch the seeds with a tip and touch the soil later. 

This will ensure even seed distribution. After the sowing is done, cover the tray with a transparent cover. This will create humid conditions inside that are favorable for the germination of the seeds. The cover has to be removed on every alternate day to promote aeration and prevent the build-up of fungus and all. This entire setup can be placed where proper bright daylight is received. Make sure to avoid the penetration of direct sunlight. The bright and direct sun can cause scorching of the seedlings. The soil has to be evenly moist and when you feel it has dried up, try moistening up. 

Temperature also plays a prominent role in the germination of seedlings. Some of the varieties require low temperatures to initiate the growth process while other varieties require warmth. Make sure to read the instructions on your label to understand the specific temperature requirements if any. These are the things to be kept in mind for successful propagation. Can you grow succulents from seeds now?  You will !

How Do Succulents Reproduce?

Whenever one thinks of growing a plant, a seed is the first thing that strikes their mind. Many species are propagated by seeds. How to grow a succulent from seed? This question has been answered. But, how can you propagate a new succulent without the help of a seed? We are aware of the fact that succulents grow from seeds. What if I say that, you always don’t need a seed to start the plant journey? Yes, you got me right. In most of the instants, succulents propagate by themselves through a mechanism called vegetative propagation.

They do not opt for sexual propagation. Many times when handling succulents, the leaves fall off and start rooting and develop into a new plant which is scientifically termed as leaf cuttings. There is another technique called stem cutting where the stem is broken and touches the ground. When it is properly watered, the roots start growing from the broken part and develop into a new plant. How beautiful and fascinating is it! The plant harms itself yet grows from the ash created by its own. I feel this is where the beauty of nature lies—saying that what if one wants to start the propagation indoors? Is growing succulents from seeds indoors possible? 

How To Grow Succulents  Indoors From Seeds?

Succulents can also be grown indoors. However, the growth tends to be slow when starting from a seed. Succulents thrive well in warm and dry climates. They are not bothered even if you neglect them. A little negligence is probably what they need. If you prefer them to grow indoors, prefer a low light tolerating plant and this would add a perfect touch to your indoor space. If you prefer to hang them, hanging succulents like a string of pearls or a string of bananas would be great. The process of growing succulents from seeds indoors is similar to the process mentioned above. But, mindful plant selection has to be done to ensure longevity. 

Most Popular Succulents To Grow Indoors

How to grow succulents from seeds indoors? If someone comes to you with this question, you can straight away answer their question along with the list of plants that can be chosen. It feels easy for either of them, right? You can propagate and also succulents grow from seeds either indoors or outdoors. However, the selection of species has to be specific and clear.

  1. Snake plant
  2. Jade plant
  3. Kalanchoe
  4. String of pearls
  5. String of bananas
  6. Echeveria
  7. Burro’s tail
  8. Cactus
  9. Aloevera
  10. Senecio
Indoor succulents | Succulents grow from seeds
Indoor succulents | Image credit: Magzhouse


 I was wondering about the quite specific demands of succulents to ensure successful propagation. It is quite easy, says no one. It is a bit difficult, everyone says. To make it simple and easy for everyone, a few things about its seed selection, planting media selection, container preference, and proper placement of the plant considering its light requirement have to be known very clearly. If any of the aspects is missed, the plant might be at risk. I have also mentioned the plants that require low light and can come up perfectly well in indoor cultivation. 

You can start the propagation with those plants and can further expand your unit based on your interest and patience. Let me say that, the little you care, the more perfectly it will grow. A little negligence is what they prefer. When I say this, I don’t mean that it has to be completely neglected. Too much of anything can get worse, this is what I practically mean. Try it out and let me know your experience with succulents especially when growing indoors. One tips that have to be running in your mind while dealing with succulents is never over-water them. Under watering is fine but over watering can kill them.

 They are not very prone to pest and disease attacks but are most susceptible to moisture levels. Try watering them with a spray bottle. A little moisture is fine and constantly has a check on its moisture levels. Use your index finger to check it and irrigate it accordingly. Start your succulent journey today and find out the proper source to procure seeds as they form the important component of the whole journey. Your indoor spaces always look better with a touch of succulent.