Fastest Growing Succulents

Fastest Growing Succulents: Meet the Top 15 Speedy Stars of the Plant World

Introducing the marvelous wonder of the succulent world: the Fastest Growing Succulents! Brace yourself for the botanical adventure like no other, as this extraordinary plant defies the norms of sluggish growth and embarks on the thrilling race towards magnificence. With its rapid pace and stunning foliage, it’s bound to leave you spellbound and yearning for more.

So, buckle up and get ready to witness nature’s sprinter as it dashes towards splendor, bringing the burst of life and vibrant greenery to your world in record time! Get ready to be amazed by the Fastest Growing Succulents’ incredible journey of growth and beauty.

Top 15 Fastest Growing Succulents

Embark on a thrilling succulent adventure with these 15 marvels of nature. From the cascading Sedum morganianum to the vibrant Kalanchoe luciae, these fastest growing succulents will captivate your senses and transform your space in no time. Watch in awe as Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor unfolds its woolly rosettes while Sedum rubrotinctum adds a playful touch with its jelly bean-like leaves. Whether you desire the cascading beauty of Senecio rowleyanus or the rapid growth of Crassula ovata, these succulents offer a delightful journey of vibrant colors, diverse forms, and flourishing foliage. Get ready to witness the magic of nature’s sprinters as they dash toward botanical magnificence.

Burro’s Tail

Sedum morganianum

This trailing succulent is known for its long, hanging stems adorned with plump, bead-like leaves. It overgrows and cascades beautifully, making it the excellent choice for hanging baskets.

Burro’s Tail | Image Source:

Jelly Bean Plant

Sedum rubrotinctum

With its chubby, jelly bean-like leaves that turn vibrant red when exposed to direct sunlight, this succulent adds the playful touch to any collection. It propagates easily and is the fastest growing succulents, forming dense clusters.

Jelly Bean Plant | Image Source:

Paddle Plant

Kalanchoe luciae

This succulent stands out with its large, paddle-shaped leaves with striking red margins. It proliferates and develops the appealing rosette shape, making it popular among succulent enthusiasts.

Paddle Plant | Image Source:

Woolly Rose

Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor

With its fuzzy, rosette-shaped leaves resembling roses, this succulent plant is the fastest growing succulent plant and abundantly produces offsets. It thrives in bright light and displays stunning shades of green and pink.

Woolly Rose | Image Source:

Jade Plant

Crassula ovata

Known for its symbolic significance of good luck and prosperity, the Jade Plant grows quickly and can reach considerable heights. It has thick, glossy leaves and can be easily propagated from stem cuttings.

Jade Plant | Image Source:

Coppertone Stonecrop

Sedum nussbaumerianum

This succulent showcases vibrant, coppery leaves that turn fiery red in bright sunlight. It is the fastest growing succulents and forms dense, colorful clusters, making it the eye-catching addition to any succulent arrangement.

Coppertone Stonecrop | Image Source:

Panda Plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa

With its fuzzy, silvery-green leaves adorned with chocolate-brown spots, the Panda Plant is the fastest growing succulents and develops the compact, bushy form. It’s the delightful succulent that adds texture and charm to indoor spaces.

Panda Plant | Image Source:

Ghost Plant

Graptopetalum paraguayense

These succulent features rosette of pale, ghostly blue-green leaves with the powdery coating. It grows quickly and produces offsets generously, making it the excellent choice for ground cover or containers.

Ghost Plant | Image Source:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera

It is known for its medicinal properties. Aloe vera is the fastest growing succulent, forming rosettes of thick, fleshy leaves. It sends up tall flower spikes and is relatively low-maintenance, thriving in well-draining soil and bright light.

Aloe Vera | Image Source:

Golden Sedum

Sedum adolphii

With its vibrant, golden-yellow foliage, this succulent grows rapidly and forms cascading clusters. It turns the deeper orange-red shade in bright light, creating the stunning display.

Golden Sedum | Image Source:

String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus

This trailing succulent features long, trailing strands adorned with round, bead-like leaves resembling pearls. It grows quickly and cascades beautifully, making it popular for hanging baskets and trailing arrangements.

String of Pearls | Image Source:

Corsican Stonecrop

Sedum dasyphyllum

With its tiny, dense, blue-green leaves, this succulent grows rapidly and forms compact mats or cascading clusters. It’s the hardy species that thrive in various growing conditions.

Corsican Stonecrop | Image Source:

String of Buttons

Crassula perforata

These unique succulent displays stacked, cylindrical leaves that resemble buttons. It grows quickly and forms dense, branching clusters, creating the intriguing visual effect.

String of Buttons | Fastest Growing Succulents

Mother of Thousands

Bryophyllum daigremontianum

The Mother of Thousands leaf or Alligator Plant, is the fascinating succulent with an impressive growth habit. This succulent develops tiny plantlets along the edges of its leaves, which eventually drop and root wherever they land, giving rise to the sprawling colony. With its prolific reproduction and unique appearance, it captivates succulent enthusiasts and serves as the delightful conversation starter.

Mother of Thousands | Image Source:

Silver Jade Plant

Crassula arborescens

It is also known as the Silver Dollar Plant. This succulent has striking silver-gray leaves stacked along its stems. It grows quickly and develops the tree-like appearance, with the thick, woody trunk and the bushy crown.

Silver Jade Plant | Image Source:

These 15 fastest growing succulents offer the wide range of colors, textures and shapes, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor fastest growing succulent settings. With their rapid growth rates, they provide the joy of witnessing their transformation and adding lushness to your space in the relatively short amount of time. Whether you’re the beginner or the experienced succulent enthusiast, these fast growers will bring excitement and satisfaction to your succulent collection.

All 15 Fastest Growing Succulents at a Glance

SucculentScientific NameLeaf ColorGrowth Rate
Burro’s TailSedum morganianumGreenRapid
Jelly Bean PlantSedum rubrotinctumGreen to RedFast
Paddle PlantKalanchoe luciaeGreen with Red MarginsRapid
Woolly RoseEcheveria ‘Doris Taylor’Green to PinkFast
Jade PlantCrassula ovataGreenRapid
Coppertone StonecropSedum nussbaumerianumGreen to CopperFast
Panda PlantKalanchoe tomentosaSilvery-Green with Brown SpotsRapid
Ghost PlantGraptopetalum paraguayensePale Blue-GreenFast
Aloe VeraAloe veraGreenRapid
Golden SedumSedum adolphiiGolden-YellowFast
String of PearlsSenecio rowleyanusGreenRapid
Corsican StonecropSedum dasyphyllumBlue-GreenFast
String of ButtonsCrassula perforataGreenRapid
Mother of ThousandsBryophyllum daigremontianumGreenRapid
Silver Jade PlantCrassula arborescensSilver-GrayRapid

Tips to Make Your Succulents Grow Faster

Enhance the growth rate of your succulents by following these expert recommendations for faster and healthier development.

LightingProvide adequate sunlight by placing them near a sunny window or in a well-lit area outdoors. Avoid intense, direct sunlight.
SoilUse well-draining soil formulated explicitly for succulents or cacti to allow excess water to drain away quickly. Avoid regular potting soil.
WateringThe soil should be dried out thoroughly before watering again. Water thoroughly, ensuring excess water drains out. Avoid overwatering.
FertilizingUse a balanced, water-soluble organic fertilizer formulated for succulents occasionally during the active growing season. Follow package instructions for application rates.
Propagation and Re-pottingPropagate succulents by taking stem or leaf cuttings and rooting them in well-draining soil. Re-pot into a slightly larger container with fresh soil when outgrowing the current pot.
ContainerWhen selecting the container for your succulents, prioritize ones with proper drainage holes to prevent potential rotting. Terracotta pots are the favorable choice as they allow for breathability, promoting healthy growth.
TemperatureMaintain temperatures between 60-80°F (15-27°C) and avoid extreme fluctuations.
HumiditySucculents prefer low humidity but increase humidity by grouping plants or using a humidifier in arid climates.
Pruning and MaintenanceRegularly remove dead or decaying leaves. Prune to promote new growth and prevent diseases or pests.

Succulents naturally grow slower than other plants. These tips can help promote faster growth.

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How to Plant for Fastest Growing Succulents?

For optimal succulent planting, carefully place the succulents at the top of the rootball level with, or slightly below, the top of the hole or pot. Since succulents have shallow roots, providing them with sufficient space is essential, which can hinder their establishment and growth.

Planting Succulents in Glass Planter

How deep do you need to plant the Succulents?

When planting succulents, maintain the same depth as previously or cover all of their roots adequately. Avoid planting them too deeply, as this can hinder their establishment and increase the risk of rotting.

Dig the hole a little wider and deeper than the rootball for outdoor planting to ensure the soil is loosened.

If planting in the pot, choose one that is only one to two sizes larger and plant the succulents at the same depth they were previously. This approach will give them the right amount of space without burying them too deeply.


In the thrilling world of succulents, these 15 fastest growing succulents are the champions of rapid growth! With their captivating colors, textures, and forms, they’re like the sprinters of the succulent kingdom, dashing towards lushness in record time.

Picture the trailing Burro’s Tail, with its bead-like leaves cascading down, or the chubby Jelly Bean Plant, resembling the jar full of jelly beans that magically turns red under the sun’s embrace. And who could resist the enchanting Paddle Plant, flaunting its paddle-shaped leaves with fiery red edges? Each succulent on this list boasts unique features and colors that add the touch of excitement to any collection.

With their fast growth rates, these succulents are like botanical sprinters, ready to fill your pots, containers, and gardens with vibrant greenery and stunning hues. But remember, like any athlete, they need proper care and attention to thrive. Please give them the right amount of sunlight, well-draining soil, and watering, and watch them zoom toward their full potential.

So, are you ready for the thrilling botanical adventure and crave the exhilaration of watching your succulent garden come alive in the blink of the eyes? In that case, these 15 speedy succulents are your ticket to the engaging, vibrant, and rapid-growing oasis of green. Get set, and grow!