How To Care For Plumeria In Winter: Productive way

Want your garden to thrive with flowers and mesmerizing aroma, but your plumerias are shedding leaves in winter? Does your garden or balcony area look dull? Now you don’t need to worry here are some tips and tricks to protect your plant from chilling winter and frost. And we will learn how to care for plumeria in winter.

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Interesting Facts

So let’s get started have you ever guessed why plumeria is called frangipani? Let me tell you why, originally “frangipani” was a perfume developed in Italy, mainly to sweeten the smell of leather gloves. The aroma from the flower was rather musky and not for all and it was formulated centuries before plumerias were discovered by Europeans. The name was later applied to plumeria flowers, and today, a “frangipani” fragrance typically refers to the scent of plumeria blooms.  Do you know Plumeria alba is the national flower of Nicaragua, where it is a native plant known as sacuanjoche?

How to care for plumeria in winter
Winter Care for Plumeria ( Source: etsy)

How Well You Know Plumeria Plant

Plumeria is a tropical plant but can it be grown in areas with low temperatures? Surely YES, winter can be challenging for plumeria plants due to cold weather conditions it is important to understand how your plant is affected in winter, there are very simple signs that a plant shows when it needs care and affection. If you care, you have a sentimental aspect to your plants you will know that they do speak they do show signs that they need your affection and care. So by taking all the points into consideration and taking proper care you ensure how to care for plumeria in winter


You need to know how low temperature your plant can tolerate i.e. 4⁰C but this doesn’t mean that let your frangipani sit out in a cold frosty environment, because it’s not temperature that hinders the growth of your plant but the environment like frost or excessive watering.


You should know that how to care for plumeria in winter. Is our plant is ready to tolerate that chilling environment? Here are some very effective ways how to care for plumeria in winter and make it bloom vigorously and your plant will remain green and healthy in winter too.

Preparing your plant for winter and frost conditionsKeeping your plant in an open area during winters
Pruning and trimming to ensure healthy new growthIgnoring signs and symptoms shown by plant
Providing shelter to your plantNeglecting your plant
Well-ventilation with proper circulation air in roomKeeping your plant in a dark and damp room
Proper lighting conditionsOverwatering
Repotting if requiredImproper culture practices
Pest managementDisturbing roots during the dormancy period
Reducing watering frequencyIncomplete knowledge about your plant
TABLE 1: Does and don’ts for your plumeria

How To Care For Plumeria in Winter :

When temperatures is below 4 degrees Celsius, it’s essential to take extra precautions to shield your plumeria from frost and cold damage.

Giving a house to Plumeria to live for

Select a shelter or covered location, such as a greenhouse, or covered area, to protect your plumeria from extremely cold winds and frost. Ensure adequate ventilation to prevent humidity buildup and fungal growth as pot plumeria being not a hardwood plant is susceptible to fungal disease easily. This is a straightforward technique to how to care for plumeria in winter, but everyone can’t afford it to best is to keep it indoors.

Using Blanket to Keep Plumeria Warm

Wrap plumeria in frost cloth or old blankets when frost is forecasted. Avoid using plastic covers that can trap moisture and cause rot. The best and most natural method is to use straw from wheat or rice and make a temporary shelter by covering plumerias from top and side this will ensure ventilation and prevent frost damage providing additional heat sources like heat lamps to prevent root damage and keep the environment warm.

Checking Weather Conditions And Taking Necessary Measures

Stay informed about weather forecasts in your area and be prepared to take required action when temperatures decrease. Water the soil thoroughly before a cold spell to help retain heat and protect the roots. These are simple ways how to care for plumeria in winters 

Tricks To Ensure Your Plant Don’t Suffer From Cold

Taking care like a baby plumeria can suffer from the cold even after so many precautions, but maintaining proper lighting and ventilation are the key factors to keep your plumeria’s health good in winter. But how to care for plumeria in winter, here are some tricks.

how to care for plumeria in winter
Artificial Light and Heat to Protect Plant from Winters ( Source: Reddit)

Keeping Your Plants Germ-Free

Keep a regular check on your plant especially leaves for pests and diseases mainly spider mites and powdery mildew. Spots on leaves or discoloration are the symptoms of infestation. Treat any issues promptly with organic solutions to prevent them from spreading. Treating with natural insect repellent like neem cake water and other organic products is more useful, user as well as environment-friendly.

Providing Proper Air Conditioning And Lighting Conditions

Keep your plumeria in south facing window which receives 7-6 hours of direct day light. Rotate your plant occasionally so that that light is evenly provided to every stem of the plant which reduces leggy stems. Your room in which is plant is kept should be well-ventilated to avoid any risk of disease infestation and maintain proper growth.

Adjusting Care Routine Based on Plumeria Variety and Health Status

Different plumeria varieties may have varying needs, so adjust your care routine accordingly. If your plant is showing signs of stress, them consider repotting your plant by totally using new soil and adding vermiculite and perlite or trimming it back further to encourage new growth. Never repot or transplant your plant in its dormancy period as the growing activity of the plant is very less.

Effect of Cold Weather on Plumeria

Plumerias are plants of tropical origin that thrive amazingly in warm climates, but exposure to cold temperatures can damage their sensitive tissues causing yellowing of leaves or wilting and even death if not properly cared.

What are Important Signs of Stress?

Keep an eye on any  drooping or discolored leaves,

  • Premature or early shedding of leaves
  • Lack of new growth, and
  • Reduced blooming during the winter.

These symptoms are the main indicators that show your plumeria may be under stress and in need of attention and care

Tips To Prepare Your Plant For Winter

Before winter sets in it is important to prepare your plant and take protective measures to help your plumeria withstand winters. plumerias are not difficult plant to maintain but still many of us thinks how to care for plumeria in winter so by following some very simple tips you can ensure that.

Can you prune or trim your plumeria?

Yes, it is normal to prune your plumeria to promote new growth in spring which will increase the density of the leaves and flowers doing so will minimize the area for heat loss from the plant surface. Point to remember never prune too deep or back

Reduce watering frequency in plumeria

No, you will not be killing your plant by reducing the water requirement as the temperature starts to decrease your plumeria will enter dormancy and its water and nutritional requirement will decrease. Allow the top layer of soil to dry up before watering.

Providing Adequate Protection from Cold Temperatures

Consider moving potted plumeria indoors or providing a protective cover for plants in the ground. Mulching the roots and wrapping the trunk with burlap can help insulate them from freezing temperatures.

Spring Is Here Time To Bloom

As winter comes to an end its time to wake your plant up and prepare your plumeria for a successful transition back to outdoor growth encouraging spring growth.

Slowly Introducing Your Plant To Outdoor Conditions

As soon as frost days are gone gradually acclimatize your plant to outdoor conditions. Start by placing in a sheltered place for few hours a day before direct exposure to direct sunlight as sudden exposure to direct outdoor climate and lighting conditions gives plant a shock it will not come out of its dormancy.

Rewinding Your Journey

Resume all the practices that you have stopped while taking care during winters. Start watering your plant on regular or scheduled bases and fertilize your plant. Prune all the remaining dead branched to promote new growth and dense foliage. Repot your plant if necessary

Promoting Blooming and Healthy Growth in Plumeria Post-Winter

Encourage flowering by providing a balanced fertilizer dose with a higher phosphorus content. Ensure adequate water, sunlight, to support healthy growth and vibrant blooms in your plumeria. Always make sure to ensure the proper dosage of the fertilizer you are given to the plant as over dosage of the nutrient case burning to the roots or the other tissue which lead to the death of the plant. growing of plant is not a difficult task but what matters is how you can take care of your plant to increase its longevity. We hopw with the help of this article you came to know how to care for plumeria in winter.

how to care for plumeria in winters
Preparing Plumeria For Winters ( source: carousell)


Winter care for plumeria plays an essential role for their long-term health and blooming success. After analyzing and realizing you winter care to can ensure how to care for plumeria in winter. Care for plants like your child results in blooming blossoms of flowers and the amazing scent of plumeria in your garden during spring. Growing plant is not just hobby but a art and to keep your art alive it is necessary to work on your art time to time if you neglect you art it will eventually start fading away and at last it will die one day. Plants are the most stubborn creatures living on earth , if there is any chance to survive they refuse to die.