List of The Best 15 Flowers That Look Like Roses

List of The Best 15 Flowers That Look Like Roses

Roses! The name itself is very pleasing and soothing to listen and when it comes to its appearance, it just feels like woah! The attractive petals and the vibrant look of the colors and the delightful fragrance of roses can leave you in an experience that you never had. Imagine a rose garden, by the time I say thus, you have already imagined and picturized a beautiful scenery in your thoughts which is visually appealing and gives a pleasant touch to all your senses.

Is there any other flower that looks exactly like a rose and can give you a feeling similar to a rose? Many flowers look like roses but are not. They resemble roses in some or the other way and can give you the same visual feel as that of roses. In the further discussion, I will introduce you to some flowers that look like roses.

Best 15 Flowers That Look Like Roses


The genus Ranunculus contains many other species including flowering plants and Butter cups, which are popularly known to belong to this species.  Various shades of pink and red make them unique and lavish in appearance. These flowers resemble a rose in its appearance with a double layered petals structure. These are the perfect choice as cut flowers and are widely preferred for making bouquets and ornamental decors. These are among those flowers that look like roses but have no thorns. 

Height: 1 to 2.5 feet

Lighting hours: Semi-shaded

Ranunculus | Flowers that look like roses
Ranunculus | Image credit: Emerden


Begonias belong to the family Begoniaceae. These flowers find their way into a hanging basket or can also be ideal for placing singly in a pot. The genus of  Begonia consists of many varieties that are most widely preferred to be grown indoors. They also can be a good option for outdoor gardens which enhances the beauty of the place. Be it a flower garden or any container garden, they add a unique touch. Many flowers that come under a wide range of unique color palettes are found here.  Some of the begonia species show double flowers that look exactly like roses.

Height: 1.5  to 3 feet

Lighting hours: Semi-shaded

Begonia | Flowers that look like roses
Begonia | Image credit: Pro flowers


The carnation flower petals are also densely packed like roses and have ruffled edges. Carnation flower occurs in different-sized and spectacular shapes as well. The color often depends on the type of species. The color of the flower conveys a unique message and each color symbolizes a unique feeling. For example, the red carnation flower is known for love and admiration, the white carnation resembles peace and purity. When someone asks you the name of flowers that look like roses, carnation would be one among them. In this way, the carnation comes under flowers that look like roses more often.

Height: 0.5  to 1 feet

Lighting hours: Full sun

Carnation | Flowers that look like roses
Carnation | Image credit : Britannica

Double tulip

The name double tulip itself says that the petals of these flowers are arranged in multiple rows. The traditional tulip flowers are usually with a single row of petals. The double tulip gives a velvety, fluffy, and ruffled appearance because of its double-layered arrangement. The flower can be used in landscape decors and can also be used as cut flowers attributing to its distinctive appearance.As the name suggests, the petals of this flower are arranged in two different layers making it unique from other flowers.

Height: 1.5  to 2 feet

Lighting hours: Full sun to semi-shade

Double tulip | Flowers that look like roses
Double tulip | Image credit: White flower farm


The flower lisianthus looks a little tubular and resembles a peony flower and even roses. This flower falls under two ca two categories based on its season which means it is both annual and biennial. It is also one of the most picked flowers in floral arrangements and decors where it is preferred by most people for special occasions. It grows healthily when placed under bright and direct sunlight.

Removal of all the old flowers and unhealthy flowers can encourage new lush to grow. They come in different colors and shapes but the white lisianthus comes under the category of white flowers that look like roses. This flower is localized and seen mostly in warmer regions of the Southern part of the United States. It also comes under the popular list of flowers that look like roses.

Height: 0.5  to 3 feet

Lighting hours: Full sun

Lisianthus | Flowers that look like roses
Lisianthus | Image credit: Petal republic


When talking about geraniums, we need to be specific about the type of geranium we are speaking about because there are two types of geraniums available one is true geranium and the other one is pelargoniums. Geraniums are chosen for most of the garden settings not only because of their flowers but also for their unique and attractive foliage. The care and maintenance of the flower depend on the type of cultivar you are choosing. The shades of yellow also look stunning and come under the category of yellow flowers that look like roses.

Height: 1  to 2 feet

Lighting hours:  Full sun to semi-shaded

Geranium | Flowers that look like roses
Geranium | Image credit: Almanac


These are among those flowers that have a long blooming season which makes them partially perennial. This is the flower that has been cultivated for many years. They come in varying heights starting from a few inches and may go to several feet high. These are the flowers that look like roses but are cheaper.

Height: 4  to 5 feet

Lighting hours: Full sun

Cabbage Rose

The moment you hear the name of the cabbage rose, there will be two things strike your mind. One resembles a cabbage and the other comes under a group of flowers that look like roses. Now, imagine both together. A flower that is bushy and bunchy just like a cabbage and has its structure similar to that of roses. This means the petals are not just single or double-layered but are arranged in multiple layers reflecting a fusion of petals within a single flower. The varying colors of the cabbage roses also reflect a different sentiment, each similar to that of the rose.

Height: 3  to 6 feet

Lighting hours: Full sun

Cabbage rose | Flowers that look like roses
Cabbage rose | Image credit: Ornamental plants


These flowers are arranged in a cup-shaped structure. These are formed by the fusion of many petals. These flowers are usually classified into two types, one which grows and dies back with the onset of winter and the other type which has a woody stem like a tree. These flowers usually symbolize romance and passion for love

Height: 2  to 3 feet

Lighting hours: Semi-shaded or Full sun

Peonies | Flowers that look like roses
Peonies | Image credit: Flower meanings

Japanese Rose – Yellow Rose

Japanese roses are one of the most hardy and easily adaptable plants. The leaves of these flowers also show distinct features with its wrinkled appearance. The flowers are known not only for their beauty but also have medicinal properties where high Vitamin C content is found in the hips produced by these flowers in the later stages.

Height: 6  to 8 feet

Lighting hours: Semi-shaded or Full shade

Japanese rose | Flowers that look like roses
Japanese rose | Image credit: Pinterest


The calibrachoa flowers are also popularly known as a million bells. These are flowers that look like tiny roses hence the name Million Bells. Their colorful and profuse flowering nature with many shades of pink and red makes them a popular choice of flower in shaping a flower bed. The method of propagation is easy and relatively requires less maintenance. The propagation method also seems easy where they can be propagated easily through cuttings.

Height: 1 to 4 feet

Lighting hours: Full sun to Partial shade

Calibrachoa | Flowers that look like roses
Calibrachoa | Image credit: Gardening know how

Sinningia – purple rose

Sinningia comes under the category of purple flowers that look like roses. These are known commonly as gloxinias. The flowers are found in both the arrangements i.e. these flowers are arranged in clusters and can also be seen solitary. They are grown indoors preferably in container gardens. They can also be cultivated outdoors but come up well in filtered sunlight. They have a bushy and compact nature and give a lush appearance when viewed from afar.

Height: 0.5  to 1 feet

Lighting hours: Semi-shaded to Full shade

Sinningia | Flowers that look like roses
Sinningia | Image credit: RHS


Gardenia flowers are popularly known for their fragrance.  The blooms are fragrant and the foliage is lush green which makes them preferred by the gardeners. It is mostly chosen by flower enthusiasts.

Height: 2 to 4 feet

Lighting hours: Partial sun

Gardenia | Flowers that look like roses
Gardenia | Image credit: Amo plantar


Camellia is often known as a flowering shrub and also a tree as well. The foliage looks clear and glossy and the flowers are stunning. These are adapted widely to different specific climatic conditions. The blooming season differs and depends on the climate and the cultivar chosen. The foliage looks attractive throughout the year like flowers.

Height: 5 to 8 feet

 Lighting hours: Partial sun

Camellia | Flowers that look like roses
Camellia | Image credit: Southern living


Anemones come in wide contrasting colors. The leaves of the anemone also look stunning. Even if the plant doesn’t bloom, its foliage can grab the attention of people and make them to be picked by most of the plant lovers and gardeners including landscape architects.

Height: 2 to 5 feet

 Lighting hours: Full to Partial sun

Anemone | Flowers that look like roses
Anemone | Image credit: Pexels
Name of the flowerScientific nameFlower ColourBlooming season
RanunculusRanunculus asiaticusRainbow colorsLate spring to Early summer 
BegoniaBegonia spcsRed, OrangeSpring to Autumn
CarnationDianthus caryophyllusShades of pinkSpring  & Summer
Double tulipTulipa cv. Negrita DoubleMultiple colorsSpring
LisianthusLasianthus acuminatissimusShades of blueSpring
GeraniumGeranium spcsShades of red and pinkLate spring to  Early Autumn 
DahliaDahlia pinnataMultiple colorsSummer  & Autumn 
Cabbage roseRosa centifoliaShades of pinkLate Spring to Early summer
PeoniesPaeonia officinalisShades of purpleSpring to Summer 
Japanese roseKerria japonicaMultiple colorsSpring to Summer 
CalibrachoaCalibrachoa caesiaMultiple colorsLate spring
SinningiaSinningia aggregatePurple, Red, PinkSpring to Autumn 
GardeniaGardenia jasminoidesWhiteLate spring to mid-summer
CamelliaCamellia sinensisRed, PinkLate fall to Early spring
AnemoneAnemone coronariaBlue, RedSpring to Fall


By now, you would be familiar with different flowers which almost resemble a rose. When someone asks you the name of the flower that looks like a rose, you can confidently list all the above-mentioned flowers. Many categories that resemble a rose have been discussed and some of the flower categories specific to a color were also mentioned. There are also a few flowers that look like roses without thorns. Thornless roses are also the most prominent.