Amazing 15 Succulents With Yellow Flowers for Your Garden

Amazing 15 Succulents With Yellow Flowers for Your Garden

Are you guys interested in gardening in outdoor or indoor spaces? Are you guys aware of succulents? Imagine an indoor garden of succulents with yellow flowers. Sure, it will be a soothing view to your eye. 

Succulents with yellow flowers give your indoor garden a vibrant colour, making it even more beautiful. This article will discuss about 15 amazing succulent plants with yellow flowers. Let’s join with me, guys.

Succulent plants often grow in arid regions and have some thick and fleshy parts because they can store water. Succulent plants can grown as ornamental plants because they need only less maintenance.

  • It has reduced or cylindrical leaves.
  • The stem is the main site of photosynthesis rather than leaves.
  • Roots are found near the soil’s surface so that they can take the moisture even from small showers.
  • It has a very impervious cuticle.
  • Even at high internal temperatures, it can retain a high amount of water.
  • It has fewer number of stomata.

Aloe Vera

Ideal conditions for growing Aloe Vera:

            Specification          Aloe Vera
          Height        One to two feet tall 
        Width        6-18 inches
  Water Requirement        Moderate 
      Sun Requirement      Full Sun
    Ideal Temperature Range     Warm temperature
Aloe Vera| succulents with yellow flowers
Aloe Vera.Image source: San Marcos Growers

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is an amazing succulent with yellow flowers, which can be used for home decoration. Kalanchoe succulent with yellow flowers has a long blooming season, starting from late winter to late spring. Leaves are scallop-shaped. It likes only a moderate amount of humidity. This succulent plant with small yellow flowers can be grown on direct or partial sun. Also, it is non-toxic to pests, which is the other benefit of kalanchoe succulent with yellow flowers. 

Ideal conditions for growing Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana:

      Specification      Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana
      Height      6-18 inches  
    Width      6-18 inches
  Water Requirement      Moderate
    Sun Requirement    Full to partial sun
    Ideal Temperature Range  50 to 77 degrees F ( 10 to 25 degrees C)
Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana | succulents with yellow flowers
Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana .Image source:Plantsguru

Echeveria Pulidonis

Echeveria Pulidonis is a succulent with small yellow flowers most suitable for indoors. One of the important characteristics is that plants have bright yellow flowers during the spring. Flowers are in the shape of a bell and hang downwards from long stems. Leaves have a red shade on the edge and with the presence of the stunning yellow flowers, it gives a good soothing experience to your eye.

 Even if it has a slow growth rate, the plant reaches a height of about  8 inches. It is a low-maintenance succulent with yellow flowers and can be grown in a container. 

Ideal conditions for growing Echeveria Pulidonis:

      Specification      Echeveria Pulidonis
    Height    8 inches
    Width    12.5 cm
  Water Requirement      Sandy soil blend
    Sun Requirement    Full Sun
  Ideal Temperature Range  USDA hardiness zones 9-11
Echeveria Pulidonis | succulents with yellow flowers
Echeveria Pulidonis. Image source: Balcony Garden Web

Sand Dollar Cactus

The sand dollar cactus is a succulent with small yellow flowers. It needs less care and grows slowly but thrives only in gardens under the right conditions. They take several years to grow 6 to 12 inches tall ( its full size). The colour of the cactus leaves is usually light green, and on the outer plant, there is the occurrence of sharp spines. As it is a slow-growing plant, it needs only water once a week or two.

Ideal conditions for growing Sand dollar cactus:

    Specification    Sand Dollar Cactus
    Height    6-12 inches
    Width    6-12 inches
    Water requirement  Moderate
    Sun Requirement    Partial shade
  Ideal Temperature Range    Above 20 degrees F
Sand dollar cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Sand dollar cactus. Image source:Desert-Tropicals

Golden Barrel Cactus

 The succulents with small yellow flowers. It can be easily identified by a spherical body having many ribs which are lined by yellowish spines far from acute. It grows about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and its flowers bloom only in springtime. Its life span is 100 years and needs only less maintenance. It is a heat-loving plant that can be placed in the sunniest spot.

For desert landscaping, the cactus with yellow flowers is more adaptable—the spines on the plant act as a natural barrier against animals.This is the next one among succulent plant with yellow flowers.

Ideal conditions for growing Golden Barrel Cactus:

      Specifications    Golden Barrel Cactus
        Height            2-3 feet
        Width              3 feet
      Water Requirement          Every week or two
      Sun Requirement            Full sun
      Ideal Temperature          Heat-loving
Golden Barrel Cactus| succulents wit yellow flowers
Golden Barrel Cactus. Image source: Elgin Nursery & Tree Farm

Aeonium Kiwi

The other succulent with small yellow flowers. Leaves are green in colour having yellow or white stripes. It is one of the succulents with yellow flowers that needs low maintenance, so, it is suitable for busy growers. It needs a semi-shade rather than more amount of sun. They will grow up to a height of 1m and can withstand harsh conditions, as it is hardy.

Ideal conditions for growing Aeonium Kiwi:

        Specification      Aeonium Kiwi
          Height        40” ( 1 m)
          Width        Varies
      Water Requirement      Infrequent-once every two weeks
      Sun Requirement          Semi-shade
      Ideal Temperature        30 degrees F or higher
Aeonium Kiwi| succulents with yellow flowers
Aeonium Kiwi. Image source: Plantshub

Pincushion Cactus

The Pincushion cactus having stunning yellow flowers is one of the succulents with small yellow flowers. The pin cushion shape of the plant leads to this name. Like other succulents, it also needs less care. Leaves are mainly green in colour with a pinkish shade. Watering can be done once a week or when the soil turns to dry. Ensure that soil is drained to avoid over-watering and root rot.

Ideal conditions for growing  Pincushion Cactus:

      Specifications      Pincushion Cactus
        Height              Upto 1 foot
      Width            Upto 1 foot
      Water requirement      Once per week
    Sun requirement      Full sun
    Ideal Temperature      70-80 degrees Fahrenheit
Pincushion Cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Pincushion Cactus.Image source: Succulents Online

Echeveria ‘ Dondo’

Echeveria Dondo is a ground succulent with yellow flowers. But apart from the beautiful yellow flowers, it is a good choice for growing. It usually grows in a partial shade and it needs well-drained soil for attaining the maximum potential. It can grow in the temperature range of 50-75 degrees F and also resist drought. If we take care in the right way, we can enjoy the beauty of its having bright blooms and green rosettes all year round.

Ideal conditions for growing  Echeveria ‘ Dondo’:

      Specifications        Echeveria ‘ Dondo’
      Height      Less than 1 foot tall
      Width          Variable
      Water requirement      Minimal
      Sun Requirement      Partial shade
      Ideal Temperature      50-75 degrees F ( 10-23 degrees Celsius)
Echeveria ' Dondo' | succulents with yellow flowers
Echeveria ‘Dondo’.Image source: Desert-Tropicals

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a succulent with attractive yellow flowers. It is one of the succulent plants with yellow flowers that bloom during the holiday season. Leaves are bright green and there is only less need for water. Overall, it is a good selection of succulent ground cover with yellow flowers because of its easy maintenance, blooms during holidays etc.

Ideal conditions for growing Christmas Cactus are:

    Specifications      Christmas Cactus
    Height      10” to 14” (25 to 35 cm)
      Width    10” to 14”  ( 25 to 35 cm)
      Water Requirement      Low
    Sun Requirement      Bright sunny window
    Ideal Temperature        60 degrees F to 80 degrees F( 16 degree Celsius to 27 degree Celsius)
Christmas Cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Christmas Cactus. Image source: Pinterest

Balloon Cactus

Balloon cactus is a succulent ground cover with yellow flowers. It has funnel-shaped yellow flowers which will be an attractive element to the garden. It can tolerate drought conditions. It is a good choice for growing in arid climates. It can be grown on well-drained soil and plenty amount of sun.

Ideal conditions for growing Balloon Cactus:

    Specifications    Balloon Cactus
      Height    10 inches to 1-foot tall
    Width     6 inches
  Water Requirement    Low
    Sun Requirement  Full sun
  Ideal Temperature    65-80 degrees F
Balloon Cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Balloon Cactus. Image source: Setgreen

Aeonium Sedifolium ( Dwarf Aeonium)

Aeonium sedifolium is a succulent ground cover with yellow flowers. It has bright yellow daisy-like flowers which makes it a great attraction to the garden. One of the other speciality is it has a circular rosette containing fleshy leaves.

Ideal conditions for growing Aeonium sedifolium are

  Specifications          Specifications
        Height            15 cm
      Width         15 cm
    Water requirement    When the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry
    Sun requirement          Full sun to part shade
      Ideal temperature      Tolerant of a wide range of temperatures  
Aeonium sedifolium | succulents with yellow flowers
Aeonium Sedifolium. Image source:myBageecha

Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus

 It is a unique succulent with beautiful yellow flowers. It is a versatile plant which can sustain in various soil types. It is suited for a range of climates and temperatures. 

Ideal conditions for growing Aeonium sedifolium are

        Specifications        Aeonium sedifolium
        Height        Up to 6 inches
      Width        Up to 3 inches
        Water requirement            Low
      Sun requirement    Full sun but can survive in partial shade
        Ideal temperature          Suitable for a wide range of climates and temperatures
Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus. Image source: The Spruce

Euphorbia Polychroma

It is an excellent choice for growing as a border plant. This is a succulent ground cover with yellow flowers which bloom in spring and last till summer. It is a beautiful plant which shows a good contrast between red flowers, large green leaves and white toxic sap.

Ideal conditions for growing  Euphorbia Polychroma are:

            Specifications      Euphorbia Polychroma
          Height        18 inches
        Width        3-10 feet
        Water requirement        Moderate
        Sun requirement        Full sun
        Ideal temperature        USDA hardiness zones 4-9
Euphorbia Polychroma | succulents with yellow flowers
Euphorbia Polychroma.Image source:

Schlosser Cactus

This is a beautiful succulent ground cover with yellow flowers. Its characteristics like small size and slow growth rate make it a good option for a person to take care of easily. It is usually not taller than 8 inches and wider than 5 inches.

Ideal conditions for growing Schlosser Cactus are:

      Specifications    Schlosser Cactus
        Height      Upto 8 inches
      Width      Upto 5 inches
      Water requirement    Low
    Sunlight requirement      Full sun
    Ideal temperature    10-11 degree Celsius
Schlosser Cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Schlossar Cactus. Image source: Reddit

Bunny Ears Cactus

It is an easy-maintaining succulent with yellow flowers. Yellow bell-shaped blooms are one of its characteristics. It can tolerate varying conditions. It is a good option for space saving because of its small mature size and moderate growth rate.Now, you learn some of the succulent plant with yellow flowers.

Ideal conditions for growing Bunny Ears Cactus are:

      Specifications        Bunny Ear Cactus
          Height        Upto 1 ft
          Width        Upto 1 ft
    Water requirement         Low
    Sunlight requirement        Bright light
    Ideal temperature    Warmer temperatures
Bunny Ears Cactus| succulents with yellow flowers
Bunny Ears Cactus. Image source: Sunnylands
Sl. noCommon name Scientific nameSpeed of growthColour of leavesGrow from
1.Aloe veraAloe veraSlow  GreenJoint root system
2.KalanchoeKalanchoe blossfeldianaSlow  GreenSeeds
3. Pulido’s echeveriaEcheveria PulidonisSlow  Silverish greenLeaf cuttings
4.Sand dollar cactusAstrophytum asteriasSlow  Light greenStem or leaf-cutting
5.Golden barrel cactusEchinocactus grusoniiSlowYellowSingle leaf
6.Aeonium kiwiAeonium haworthiiSlowGreen with white or yellow stripesLeaf
7.Pincushion cactusMammillaria spinosissimaMedium-slowGreen may have a pinkish hueOffets and seeds
8.Echeveria hybridEcheveria dondoSlow  Blue-greenOffsets, individual leaves or by seeds
9.Christmas cactusSchlumbergera bridgesiiModerate growthBright greenStem
10.Balloon cactusParodia magnificaSlowGreenStem
11.Dwarf AeoniumAeonium sedifoliumRelatively slowBright green/ Tinged in redLeaves
12.Eastern Prickly Pear CactusOpuntia humifusaFastGreenStem
13.Cushion spurgeEuphorbia polychromaMedium to fastGreenRoot
14.Schlosser cactusNotocactus schlosseri  SlowLight greenStem
15.Bunny Ears CactusOpuntia microdasysModerateSilver-greenStem

Throughout this discussion, we talked about the 15 amazing succulents with yellow flowers. We also went through the benefits of growing them and the specifications needed for their growth. As they need only low-maintenance, succulents are perfect for those who started their gardening.