10 Amazing Succulent Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

If you are passionate about gardening, then, don’t waste time, grow succulents on your home. I am here with some succulent garden ideas for small spaces. Growing succulents in your home is comfortable because it is more self-sufficient and requires less care. So, you are now thinking that succulents are a good option right, to provide a gateway for your new venture, this article will help you guys. Let’s gain more knowledge about succulent garden ideas for small spaces.

Before we move to the main topic, succulent garden ideas for small spaces, let’s know, what succulents are, it’s advantages and examples of succulents. Succulents differ from ornamental plants in indoor decoration because of their fleshy leaves and unique shapes. They also need less maintenance and small space and have diverse varieties.

As you all know succulents are native to dry, arid climates, succulents can be grown in any adverse conditions with the help of their ability to store water in the leaves. You have to choose wisely in selecting the right succulents for your small garden, which helps to give an eye-soothing view to your home. Here, we are given popular succulent varieties below before we jump into the main topic of succulent garden ideas for small spaces.


          Aloe Vera        Aloe barbadensis miller
        Echeveria              Echeveria elegans
        Jade plant            Crassula ovata
          Agave            Agave americana
        Kalanchoe          Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
        Gasteria            Gasteria pillansii
        Burro’s tail            Sedum morganianum
        Sansevieria          Dracaena trifasciata laurentii
      Barrel cactus           Echinocactus grusonii
Succulents with scientific names

Before detailing succulent garden ideas for small spaces, You must be familiar with the benefits of succulents. Let’s discuss:

  • Succulents purify the air and help to increase humidity in your surroundings.
  • They help to prevent the common cold, and throat by making the air clean and pure.
  • Aloe vera provides solutions for medical issues. Its juice and gel help to reduce inflammation and are good for hair.
  • Increasing the range of succulents as indoor plants in your office or house by using succulent garden ideas for small spaces, increases concentration, productivity and focus.
  • As succulents do not release carbon dioxide at night, they provide fresh air to the environment.

If your house has only a limited area and you want to make your house even more beautiful, but the limited space discourages you from doing it, don’t be sad guys, we can make it more creative with succulents. Here, we are going to give a detailed view of succulent garden ideas for small spaces.

1. Teacup succulent garden

In this article, let’s discuss the first among the succulent garden ideas for small spaces. In our house, you have old mugs and tea cups. Let’s make it productive by planting succulents. Take tea cups from your house which follow a specific pattern or have floral designs and plant succulents on them and place them in the backyard. Then, in the case of mugs choose sturdy mugs, otherwise, succulents will knocked over. Also, remember to glue the tea cups or saucers on the plane, it will add stability to it.

Guys, imagine an Aloe Vera planted on the teacup and placed in the backyard, what a sight! an amazing succulent garden idea for small spaces.

succulent garden ideas for small spaces
Teacup succulent garden. Image Source: Facebook

2. Birdcage display

Use the old birdcage in your house to act as an amazing succulent garden idea for small spaces. You can arrange either by placing individually potted succulents in the bottom of the cage as a line or you can arrange the base of the cage with plastic filled with soil and can plant succulents directly on it. When all the arrangements are done, hang it either on the porch or on a post. It is one of the brilliant succulent garden ideas for small spaces and gives an aesthetic feel.

succulent garden ideas for small spaces
Birdcage display.Image source: Planetaria group

3. Mini fairy garden

Here, we can take a large basket, plastic tub or anything else in your hand to construct a fairy garden. It is not only one of the great succulent ideas for small spaces but also a budget-friendly idea. You can create a small mini fairy garden in your small area by making a cottage, a fairy swing or a stone walkway with beautiful stones, or make a small pond with a beautiful hanging bridge and plant succulents on the way of your garden. I know your mind is with this beautiful sight, it’s amazing, right guys? A small mini fairy garden with miniature decorations.

Mini fairy garden. Image source: Amazon. in

4. Water fountain planter

Here, we will witness a water fountain used alternately, instead of adding a water line to it, grow succulent plants in it. Tiered the cement water fountains for making succulent garden arrangements, you can use resin and plastic fountains too. Keep the water fountain planter in the place where they receive the morning sun and place it away from the harsh afternoon sun. Prolonged heating can damage the succulents. Shade is essential for them to increase the longevity.

Water fountain planter. Image source: April Bern

5. Vertical frame succulent garden

An amazing succulent garden idea for small spaces can be executed with the use of a large tray or a shadow box outdoors. First, take the tray or shadow box covered with soil and above the soil, cover it with landscape fabric, and place it on the sheet of chicken wire. With the help of staples, place the chicken wire to the inside of the frame, then, between the spaces of the wire plant your beautiful succulents. Use needle-nose pliers to make holes in the landscaping fabric. When all the process has been done, water the succulents and hang them on a beautiful spot in the vertical garden of your choice.

Vertical frame succulent garden. Image source: Succulent gardens

6. Mini zen garden

Do you guys have a dream of making a Japanese-inspired zen garden? But you don’t have enough space to make it happen. Don’t worry guys, I am here with you a beautiful succulent garden ideas for small spaces. Guys, you can make a mini zen garden instead with succulents. Take a large shallow planter or an old plastic tub to create a mini zen garden. To make it so beautiful, decorate the garden with tiny lights, and a small Buddha statue, you can use these types of interesting things. At last, by adding succulents, you get a complete picture of the mini zen garden. You can create cool, calm, fresh atmospheric air around your house.

Mini zen garden.Image source: Planet Natural

7. Red wagon planter

In our childhood, we had played with a little red wagon with our friends, right? Let, we can use the red wagon planter as a perfect planter for succulent garden ideas for small spaces. It is an easy process, fill your red wagon planter with soil and plant your succulents in it. You can also keep it as a foundation for a zen garden or fairy garden. We can make it more adorable, when, we use all these kinds of stuff.

Red wagon planter. Image Source: Flea Market Gardening

8. Pallet and tin can display

If your house has more room upstairs than down, you can use a variety of succulent garden ideas for small spaces by using wooden pallets or nail tins. It can create a display in the form of vertically in your house. You can either paint the cans in black or paint the cans in vibrant shades of yellow, green and orange. Arrange beautifully in your small space to give a fantastic look.

Pallet and tin can display. Image Source: Garden Therapy

9. Upcycle bird bath

A bird bath can be decorated beautifully to make a succulent garden in a small space of your house. A cement bird bath can be used as a first option as it more durable and can be last for a lifetime. You can also use resin or plastic bird baths. Plant gorgeous succulents on your birdbath, and place them on your balcony to make it more attractive and make these succulent garden ideas for small spaces a success.

Upcycle bird bath.Image Source: My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia

10. Gutter Succulent Garden

Arrange your succulents on sections of the gutter in a vertical way. Screw and twine can be used to create a hanger for this vertical planter. Be ensure that you drill a few holes on the bottom of your planter to improve drainage.

Gutter succulent garden.Image Source: Far Out Flora

Now, you all get interested in planting beautiful succulents in your house after reading the succulent garden ideas for small spaces. To keep the succulents healthy, you must follow some tips, so, guys, let us learn together.

  • Avoid over-water usage and water only on the base of the plant.
  • The ideal time for watering is in the morning, because, moisture doesn’t get trapped in the leaves.
  • Ensure that succulents can grow only in spots where we receive 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.
  • More afternoon heat is detrimental to their growth.

By reading this article, I am sure that some of you will research more about the succulent garden ideas for small spaces. There are plenty of ideas, and with little out-of-the-box thinking, you can get it as per your needs. Using brilliant ideas and strategic arrangements, we can transform a small space into an aesthetic environment.

Guys do experiments with diverse succulents with different textures and colours, and a gentle reminder, please share the ideas with me also.