How To Store Magic Mushrooms

How To Store Magic Mushrooms: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re entering into the world of mushrooms, then preserving their unique medicinal qualities is a crucial step. You might wonder how to store magic mushrooms and how to maintain their potential and flavor for as long as possible. That’s where the best method of drying comes in, it is a very crucial step that can increase the shelf life of your magic mushrooms, making sure that they are ready whenever you are. In this article, we will explore the various methods used to store magic mushrooms to ensure that they remain viable for consumption even when dried.

Understanding to Store Magic Mushrooms

Before we go directly into specific methods about store magic mushrooms,it is very important to understand the factors that are responsible for the longevity of magic mushrooms. Like many other perishable fruits and vegetables, magic mushrooms are highly susceptible to degradation when exposed to certain conditions that are not favourable including moisture, heat, light, and oxygen. To preserve their psychoactive compounds, it’s essentially important to store them in such conditions where there are minimal exposures to their factors causing minimum loss to the product.

How to Store Magic Mushrooms: 

Freshly harvested mushrooms are most perishable as they have high moisture content of about 90% which makes them highly prone to degradation. To extend shelf life of mushrooms and preserve their potency and medicinal value follow these guidelines about store magic mushrooms.


The most common and effective way about, store magic mushrooms is to refrigerate them. Place them in a paper bag with some holes for ventilation or a breathable container to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup. Avoid storing them in plastic bags, as air and moisture is difficult to escape in that case, this can promote mould growth.


Keeping the mushrooms in the refrigerator at low and specific i.e. temperature range  between (1.7°C and 7.2°C). Avoid storing them in the freezer, as this can damage their cellular structure and compromise their quality that will lead to shrinkage and moisture will not escape from the mushroom and purpose will eventually fail


All mushrooms, specifically magic mushrooms thrive in humid environments, but providing excessive moisture can lead to mould growth. By keeping the humidity level in the refrigerator around 80%, but monitor the mushrooms regularly for any signs of mould.

Air Circulation:

Ensure that your refrigerator has an adequate air circulation to prevent the mushrooms from becoming flaccid or soggy and slimy. Never stack mushrooms on each other while storing and prevent overcrowding as this will prevent air circulation and mould growth will initiate.

how to store magic mushroom
Magic Mushroom Storage ( Source: Bon Appetit)

How to Dry Magic Mushrooms:

Drying is not just about removing moisture from perishable; it’s an art that can enhance both safety as well as effect. Mushrooms containing psilocybin specially magic mushrooms are  recognized for their slender stems and hallucinogenic properties, and need special care during this process to retain their psychoactive powers. Our comprehensive. a guide will lead you through each and every phase of drying with precision and ease, ensuring your mushrooms stays protected from spoilage or our goal to store magic mushrooms will fail.

Ready to become a drying pro? Yes you are. Keep reading for all the details on perfecting essential techniques of drying to store magic mushrooms 

Before beginning the drying process, it is very important to disinfect your work area and tools to prevent contamination. You will also need to gather the necessary materials for proper mushroom drying, such as a food dehydrator, airtight containers, and desiccants.

how to store magic mushroom
Dry Magic Mushroom ( Source: Reddit)

Importance of Disinfecting Work Area And Tools

Keeping your working area and tools disinfected is a crucial step in the drying  of magic mushrooms. This will prevent our mushrooms from contamination with bacterias, moulds, and fungi. Cleanliness becomes even more significant when we are considering that psilocybin mushrooms have long slender stems and may harbour contaminants in nooks that aren’t easily visible with naked eyes. Take special care to disinfect areas where mushroom pieces will come into contact during air drying or when using a food dehydrator because that area will be most prone to infection and if one mushroom gets infected other will start to get too and your goal to store magic mushrooms will be over.

Materials Needed For Proper Drying

Having the right materials is crucial for successfully drying magic mushrooms. Before starting drying just  make sure that  you have a food dehydrator or in case of air drying an area with good airflow for drying and placing the mushrooms.

If you’re using a dehydrator or a desiccator ensure it is .capable of maintaining a steady temperature and has enough space to lay  your mushrooms without  each of them touching each other; this will promote even drying and prevent mould growth.

For those who don’t have a dehydrator and prefer the air-drying method, obtain a fine mesh screen from a hardware store and find a warm, dry room with low relative humidity. Fans can help circulate the air around your mushrooms but keep them from blowing directly on your batch to avoid contamination with airborne particles. For this you can cover with another thin mesh with a very small hole on the layer of mushrooms laid. You can use desiccants like silica gel packets or dried epsom salt to get that crackling dried mushrooms for long term storage.

Drying Process:

How to dry magic mushrooms, just simply spread them out in a single layer on a clean, dry surface with a mesh on the surface to prevent contamination. To ensure good airflow you can make the mesh raised so that air can pass from bottom too and low humidity to speed up the drying process. If you have a dehydrator set to a low temperature. Prevent drying in direct sunlight.

Magic mushrooms are properly dried when they have become crisp and brittle when snapped; they have that cracking effect, with no traces of moisture remaining. This process usually takes about between 24 to 48 hours, depending on your method of drying and temperature conditions in your area.

Storage Containers: 

So now the question arises to store magic mushrooms oce your mushrooms are dried you can store them in a disinfected dry air tight container to protect them from moisture and oxidation. You can also store them in a vacuum sealed bags or long term storage.always label the bag or container with date of storage and strain of mushroom 

Cool, Dark Place: 

Store your dried magic mushrooms in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight or light and in a low temperature area, a pantry or a cupboard area will be perfect as long as the temperature in the area is constant. You can also make powder from your dried mushrooms and use them as storing powder is much easier. 

Store Magic Mushroom For Long-Term 

If you are looking for how to store magic mushrooms  for a longer period of time then you need to follow these tips that will tell you to store magic mushrooms for a longer period.

Vacuum Sealing: 

Sealing products in vacuum bags is an effective modern method used for long-term storage, as it removes all the oxygen from the container or bags, preventing oxidation and no more degradation of the mushrooms. Place the dried mushrooms or dried powder made by grinding dried mushrooms in a vacuum-sealed bag or container and remove as much air as possible using a vacuum sealer.

how to store magic mushroom
Vacuum Sealing Of Dry Mushroom ( Source: KDVR)


Freezing of fresh magic mushrooms for long term storage is not recommended as it will only last for a few days, properly dried mushrooms can be stored in the freezer for long-term preservation but ensure that they are thoroughly dried and sealed in an airtight container. To prevent freezer burn keep your freezer temperature to between 2-4 degree celsius.

Desiccant Packs:

Adding desiccant packs directly to the storage container are not recommended as silica is harmful to health but it  can help absorb any residual moisture and maintain optimal humidity levels insead pack mushrooms in bags may not be air tight and place those bags in an airtight container with silica bags. This is particularly important in the areas with  humid climates or during periods of high humidity.

Dark Environment:

Store your magic mushroom in a cold dark room with minimum humidity and prevent light exposure as long and repeated exposure to light will degrade their psychoactive compound over time. A pantry or a cupboard always works for this purpose as long as the area is free from moisture or humidity.

Store Magic Mushroom Spores:

In addition to storage many grower or new enthusiasts also cultivate their own magic mushrooms from spurs, if properly done can easily grow for their own.Properly storing magic mushroom spores is essential to make sure that they are viable for future cultivation. Here are some simple steps how to store magic mushroom spores:

Sterile Environment: 

Always ensure that your storage container and any equipment you are  using for handling the spores are thoroughly sterilised to prevent contamination. You can use a rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipe to sterilise the storing surface before handling spores.

Spore Prints: 

Collecting  spores is most challenging process if this is done you half of the work is completed, place a mature mushroom cap on a clean piece of paper or foil and cover it with a glass or jar so that any contaminant from outside did not enter or because of air your spore doesn’t get dispersed. Keeping jar overnight mushrooms will release spores, then carefully remove the cap to reveal the spores and their print on the surface.

how to store magic mushroom
Spore print ( Source: Pyschedelic Spotlight)

Storage Container: 

Transfer the spore print from the surface of foil or paper used for collecting  to a sterile storage container, such as a glass vial or petri dish. Properly seal the container tightly to prevent contamination and store it in a cool, dark place. Usually in an incubator if you do not have a cupboard where there is no interference of light.


Magic mushroom spores remain bible at room temperature for several months but if you want to increase or enhance the life then storing them in the refrigerator can prolong their shelf life. Keep the sores in your vegetable crisper drawer of your fridge or in a dedicated container to maintain a stable temperature. So here you have learned everything about how to store magic mushrooms, dried, and how to store magic mushroom spores now you are a professional in storage of mushrooms.


Proper storage of magic mushrooms is very essential if you are going to preserve the potency, medicinal value and the magic of mushrooms, whether they are fresh dried or in the form of spores. By following the guidelines that we have outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can be relaxed and sure that your magic mushrooms will surely remain bible for consumption or for cultivation for a longer period of time than it used to be before.

From vacuum sealing to refrigeration and then to long term storage every method offers a uniqueness and ease approach to preserve your magic mushroom and solves all the problems related to how to store magic mushrooms. So weather you are seasoned grower or novice enthusiast let the magic of proper storage unlock the potential of magic in your mushroom growing and storage journey