Different Types of Alocasia with pictures

Amazing 15 Different Types of Alocasia with pictures

Do you know about alocasia plant? Do you know about types of alocasia? Do you know alocasia will be better in your indoor garden? Alocasia is a plant which occurs in various colours like silver to purple to red and you also know there are various shades of green. They are gaining popularity day by day because they have low maintenance and also they have beautiful leaves. They are grown mostly on indoors and outdoors, but it is gaining popularity nowadays as a house plant. So, lets move into the types of alocasia.

Among the types of alocasia, it is a tender perennial plant type. It has an appearance of striking, it has deep dark leaves with oval shape having a distinct point on the end of each place. Stems have a thick and stocky appearance, which gives the plant as an overall thick and also give a sturdy like appearance. Leaves are also dense and textured heavily, which will give an interesting addition to your house or the garden. Leaves sometimes also have bluish colour appearance because they have a dark green like appearance.

Some people may think it is fake as the leaves become thick , and it may appear like a plastic or the card board.The plant is originated on South Asia. It has a size of 1-2 feet tall.Partial,indirect sunlight is good for the plant.

Alocasia melo| types of alocasia
Alocasia melo. Image source: Shutter Stock

2.     Alocasia infernalis

It is one of the beautiful types of alocasia, which is a tender perennial of type . It is also known as the magic plant, leaves are like of dark shade purple , which is almost in black colour and also have a shine like appearance. This plant have thick and also green veins which is over there and they also have pointed leaves.The plant survive mainly on tropical weather condition, so keep it on that condition.

It is very small as compared to other types of alocasia. This also needs a low light condition and can survive there. It is a plant of 20-22 inches tall. It requires only partial sunlight.

Alocasia infernalis | types of alocasia
Alocasia infernalis . Image source: Thai exotic greenary

3.Alocasia reginula

The other black velvet type variety in types of alocasia, it is like a beautiful little plant.It is also called as mini alocasia, as it grows only about one foot of height.The leaves are of velvet like fabric, having tiny bristles and create a soft texture. Colour of the plant is usually dark .Leaves are of heart shaped like structure having white veins over it which makes a good contrast between the colours. It also has a silver like green stem which gives an add on to the plant.It has 10-15 inches tall. It needs indirect bright sunlight.

Alocasia reginula | types of alocasia
Alocasia reginula. Image source: Aroidpedia

4.Alocasia zebrina

The other one among the types of alocasia, which by its nick name have a zebra like appearance or like leopard like appearance. While you will see, you will get why the plant got this name.Plant relatively are tall, and have a pointed heart shaped leaves at the top of the branch.Stem is the most looking part of the Alocasia, as it always has a soft shade having a dark brown colour, making more like exotic and more beautiful.It has 2.5-3 feet tall.

Alocasia zebrina | types of alocasia
Alocasia zebrina . Image source: Plant hawaii

5.Alocasia heterophylla

The next popular variety in types of alocasia, also called as that of blue metallic plant, which is mostly known for its bluish green leaves. Plant always has two or three leaves at once, which are large and very noticed in the era of green plants. Plant also grow upto the massive fifteen feet height under the right nature of tropical conditions. Surely, this alocasia give diversity to your home.It has 2-15 feet tall.

Alocasia heterophylla | types of alocasia
Alocasia heterophylla . Image source: Wikipedia

6.Alocasia bagindas

It is the other most popular variety in types of alocasia, which is also known as Dargon Scale Alocasia, having a big leaf on the stem. Leaf are almost thick and mostly have a puffy appearance as it shown like a blow up plant. Odd shape and texture of it makes more popular among the types of alocasia, who love unusual tropical plant love this for sure. They need only less maintenance, and they can be grown most on gardens as they get good amount of humidity and also sunlight. They will also be a good indoor plant.It has 3-6 feet tall.

Alocasia bagindas |types of alocasia
Alocasia bagindas. Image source: Wikipedia

7. Alocasia micholitziana

Among the types of alocasia, this alocasia doesn’t have that like fuzzy or velvet appearance. People also called it as a green velvet because it has a good amount of green colour which ive this name to this plant. They have a vibrant green colour which is contrasted mostly by a pale cream coloured veins founded on each leaf.Plant is found to be rare, but it needs only less maintenance. Plant has mostly of large pointed like leaves also it has a wispy like stems and also it has a spacious like appearance.

Alocasia micholitziana | types of alocasia
Alocasia micholitziana.Image source: Medium

8.Alocasia macrorrhizos

The next exotic plant in types of alocasia, which gives a simplicity look and also give a sophistication appearance to your garden. It is also known as the Giant Taro Plant, but this variety is not actually the taro but also has similar stems and leaves. Plant typically grows much faster and it needs large size.Stems are so much long and leaves are mostly of pointy heart shapes which will always droop down casually. If you need a classic and healthy look to your garden, you will definitely add this excellent plant to your garden.

Alocasia macrorrhizos | types of alocasia
Alocasia macrorrhizos. Image source: Gardenia.net

9.Alocasia cucullate

Alocasia cucullate is the other among the types of alocasia, which is one of the fast growing variety of alocasia. This variety looks almost good and standard, having of heart shaped leaves and also long stems. Most noticeable feauture of the plant is leaves will grow to much sizes , which will make a cascade like look. As they have different sized leaves, they are grown like the bush plant. 

Alocasia cucullate | types of alocasia
Alocasia cucullate . Image source: Greg app

10.Alocasia reversa

Jewel alocasia is another popular variety among the types of alocasia because it  needs only less maintenance. Mostly have green leaves and many of have shiny silvery gray colour. Veins give a blue or purplish colour, which adds them a stunning palette like appearance. They need a high humidity like environment, so always make sure that you keep moist condition in the indoors.

Alocasia reversa | types of alocasia
Alocasia reversa.Image source: Aroid market

11. Alocasia portei

The next plant among the types of alocasia also called as Malaysian monster which is a small and also one among the slow growing plant. Leaves of this plant are jagged type, having long teeth and they are of narrow and also like skinny type. They look like a more exotic variety than other types which is the reason for their popularisation among the other varieties.

Alocasia portei | types of alocasia
Alocasia portei . Image source: Wikipedia

12. Alocasia sanderiana

Alocasia sanderiana also known as Kris plant or African mask plant, it is one among the types of alocasia were tropical people love. It has about of a large green leaves having a dark green colour. It also have very much thin veins which will run over the leaves which always gives a lovely contrast.Leaves always have a wavy edge which always maintain like a general heart shaped characteristic as other types of alocasia. Stem always be of mini tree trunk which will always give a good base for large leaves and it is also a tropical plant.

Alocasia sanderiana | types of alocasia
Alocasia sanderiana. Image source: India Mart

13. Alocasia reginae

The another types of alocasia an example for tropical species.They have large drooping leaves, which gives a good looking mature to your home. The characters of stem are they are thin and long, they also large dark green leaves. Leaves are thick and also heavy having good red colour on the underside.The variety sometimes looks like a silver velvet , which is a good option.

Alocasia reginae| types of alocasia
Alocasia reginae.Image source: Happy Forest

14.Alocasia odora

One of the most outstanding characters in the types of alocasia in this variety is the colouring of leaves. The leaves have colours of green and cream, which give a pattern of leaves like of oil painting. This variety have a special character of elephant ear shaped leaves which is large and grow upward, which gives healthy and energetic appearance. They can be good for planti ng in indoors. They also a lovely smell which will give a breathe to your garden.

Alocasia odora| types of alocasia
Alocasia odora. Image source: Tooth Mountain Nursery

15. Alocasia plumbea

Alocasia plumbae, called Nigra plant, is a monochromatic plant with a dark green colour. Its stems and leaves also have the same colour which gives homogenous appearance. Plant can reach upto greater heights so they can thrive on outdoor gardens. It gives good shade to small plants. They also love to place on shade,as some direct sunlight can burn their leaves too. They loves well hydrated and moist soil. So, keep this plant on a warm climate.

Alocasia plumbea | types of alocasia
Alocasia plumbea. Image source:Shutter Stock
Sl.No:      Common name      Scientific name
1.Black magic Alocasia melo
2.Black velvetAlocasia infernalis
3. BrinaAlocasia reginula
4.CorazonAlocasia zebrina
5.Dragon scaleAlocasia heterophylla
6.Green velvetAlocasia bagindas
7.Giant taroAlocasia micholitziana frydek
8.Hooded dwarfAlocasia macrorrhizos
9.Jewel AlocasiaAlocasia cucullata
10.Malaysian monsterAlocasia reversa
11.MaskAlocasia portei
12.MiriAlocasia sanderiana
13.Nighty scented lilyAlocasia reginae
14.NigraAlocasia odora
15.Pink passionAlocasia plumbea

Now , you are gone through amazing 15 types of alocasia and its characters. Alocasia will truly give a tropical and exotic edge to your indoor garden which is so simple to take care of.So, even if you are an unexperienced planter you can grow well it in an indoor space.Go through the article and learn its characters and make your indoor garden even more beautiful.