7 Cucumber Growing Stages

 7 Cucumber Growing Stages- Amazing Life Cycle of A Cucumber

Are you guys aware of how to grow a cucumber? Do you guys know that cucumber is easy to grow in your home? Before going to plant cucumber, read this article thoroughly, it gives an insight into seven amazing cucumber growing stages.

Do you know the characteristics of cucumber, it is a tasty fruit. It is a popular fruit which can be used for culinary purposes. Each plant stage has several tips for caring for the cucumber. So, you have to properly take care of the plant to get a good outcome. So, guys let together move to this article to get good knowledge.

Types of Cucumbers

Before detailing cucumber growing stages, it is necessary to understand about different types of cucumbers. We can grow cucumbers in different ways vining type and bush type. Vines can spread horizontally or vertically  ( if we use a trellis) while bush varieties are more in compact form. Bush varieties are more adaptable for small spaces. Also, they do not make as much yield as vining one.

Cucumber plants can also be divided into slicing, pickling or burpless. As the name indicates, slicing cucumbers are used for eating fresh, and pickling cucumbers are smaller and are used mainly for making pickles. While burpless cucumbers contain less cucurbitacin and the pickles turned out to be more bitter.

Cucumber growing stages : growth stages of cucumber

Different cucumber growing stages are:

  • Sowing the seeds
  • Germination
  • Seedling
  • More plant growth
  • Flowering
  • Fruit growth
  • Harvest

Sowing the seeds

Sowing the seeds is not one of the true cucumber growing stages, but it is very important as it is the first step in the process which involves the beginning of the plant life and helps in the plant germinating.

 We can plant cucumbers both indoors and outdoors and we can select what you want based on your personal opinions, climate and timing. Cucumber seeds need a warm weather condition, so, you have to manage the risks given by the frost. We have to maintain the temperature of the soil at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the soil becomes more colder than this, cucumber seeds will not germinate.

 We have to plant the seeds in rows or mounds, or, you need a support structure for planting the cucumber variety. According to how we plant, the number of seeds per site and the distance between them will also vary. We can plant the seeds in a pot indoors, if you want to plant the seeds earlier or when the weather is still cooler.

 Whatever options you choose, you have to plant the seeds one and a half inches deep. You have to ensure that soil is rich fertile and well-drained and also make sure that seed is grown on a sunny spot.

Sowing the seeds| cucumber growing  stages
Sowing the seeds. Image source: Plantura Magazin

2. Germination of cucumber

It is the first true stage among the cucumber growing stages. In this cucumber growing stage, the first stem and roots break from the seed’s outer layer. This cucumber plant stage mainly depends on the temperature of the soil. If the soil is much on the cooler side that is, below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it will a 10 days more for the seeds to germinate. Also, if the temperature of the soil is above 80 degrees, seeds grow more quickly, as of 3 days. Cucumber prefers mostly a warmer climate, so, you have to plant them in a place having more amount of sunlight.

This stage usually takes about 3 and 10 days, mostly depending on temperature and moisture. Seeds mostly need a warm and moist environment for germination. 

Germination | cucumber growing stages
Germination.Image source: Minneopa Orchards

3. Seedling stage

The next cucumber growing stages among all the seven is the seedling stage. The cucumber will sprout small, immature leaves in this stage. If you planted the cucumber seeds indoors, this is the time to transplant them. For transplanting, dig a small hole or make a mound, where you wish to transplant each seedling. The specification for rows is that it should be a foot apart and for mounds, it should be 18 inches apart. The leaves-forming stage plays a great role in cucumber growth stages because true leaves are a sign indicating that your plant is ready for photosynthesis. Leaves absorb light and nutrients, which gives the plant more energy for growth. 

Then, we have to separate the seedlings one by one and plant them in each hole, covering the roots using soil and water. Seeds need optimal conditions in this stage to get good growth. In this stage, light, water and temperature are the main keys. This stage mainly lasts for 3 to 4 weeks and during this stage, the plant will start to gain more freedom.

Seedling stage| cucumber growing stages
Seedling stage. Image source:iStock

4. More Plant Growth

As the cucumber growing stages continue to grow, it will eventually produce leaves. If you are making a vining cucumber plant, the vine will start to grow. When the cucumber plant reaches this stage and starts to grow leaves, you have to water on the roots rather than above watering. This process helps you to reduce the chance of diseases such as powdery mildew which is most common among cucumbers.

If you are planting a vining cucumber, it is the best time to tie the trellis. You have to ensure to lose the ties, so, the ties don’t cut the vine. Cucumbers are mainly vine plants, meaning they love to sprawl and climb. You know that as the plant matures, vines will begin to form. At this time, you have to introduce trellises or stakes to guide the vines and to ensure maximum vertical spaces. The vine stage is mainly critical for the development of the fruit and it will also require close attention.

More plant growth| cucumber growing stages
More Plant Growth. Image source: Minneopa Orchards

5. Flowering

On this cucumber growing stages among the seven, flowers will start to appear on the plant. The flowers are bright yellow and will appear on the end of very early fruits. Both male and female flowers are grown by most cucumber plants. Firstly, male flowers appear and after two weeks, female flowers appear.

It might be surprising that the cucumber plant produces both male and female flowers. Male flowers usually appear first and in larger numbers. Whereas, female flowers have a miniature cucumber-shaped ovary at the base which eventually turns to form cucumbers. Also, you have to remember that hand pollination in flowers gives more yield.

Cucumber plants have separate male and female flowers that require insects like bees to pollinate or require hand pollination to produce the fruits as they are not self-pollinating. Pollination is essential for that type of flower to yield fruits otherwise it will give an incomplete or misshapen flower. But, a few cucumber varieties having separate male and female flowers do not require pollination.

When the cucumber plants start flowering, you have to add more fertilizer. Guys, you have to add more fertilizer in this stage, then only the plant will grow healthy.

Flowering | cucumber growing stages
Flowering. Image source: The Spruce

6. Fruit growth of cucumber

In the summertime, the cucumber plant will eventually reach the stage to produce fruit. Female flowers grow to become fruit and when the fruit growth stage of the cucumber plant stages appears, male flowers will eventually fall off. Fruit has the characteristics of typically green, long and oval is the speciality of this cucumber growing stages among seven.

If you start your cucumber planting from seeds, fruit production usually occurs 45 to 70  days after the planting. But, the time will vary according to the climate, mode of growing and how you take care of the plant.

In this cucumber plant stage, water is an important parameter. If you don’t give needed moisture and hydration, then, your cucumber will taste bitter, so, you understand the importance of proper fertilization and watering in this stage. If any characters mentioned above are not correct, it will eventually lead to nutrient imbalances and water stress, which will affect the quality and yield of cucumbers.

Fruit growth | cucumber growing stages
Fruit growth.Image source: Green matters

7. Harvest

It is the final cucumber growing stages among all. Cucumbers are harvested actually before they attain full maturity, in this stage, cucumbers attain a dark green colour and reach a size of six to eight inches, they can vary depending on the cucumber type.

If the cucumber turns yellow or too big, they turn a bitter taste, so, the better idea is to harvest it before it reaches this stage. You have to harvest the cucumber when it becomes green, firm and crisp.

For harvesting the cucumbers, either use clippers or a knife to remove the fruit from the vine.

Be more careful not to twist or pull, because it will damage your plant and reduce the yield loss.

Harvest | cucumber growing stages
Harvest. Image source: Minneopa Orchards


7 cucumber growing stages: I think you guys get a good knowledge about this topic through this article. When we move to the life cycle of cucumbers, we are about to know that it is a fulfilling journey which gives more than we produce, also, the life cycle gives you a most beautiful experience. In the journey from sowing the first seeds to harvesting the cucumbers, we have to adopt proper caring techniques in the cucumber plant stages. By understanding all those tips and care only, we will get a refreshing cucumber on your refrigerator.