can you grow blueberries hydroponically

can you grow blueberries hydroponically ?

can you grow blueberries hydroponically – Thinking of setting up a hydroponic unit? What would you like to grow? Some leafy vegetables like lettuce or spinach or tomato? Well, why not blueberries?

In this article I will tell you why you should cultivate blueberries in your hydroponic system and how, so riders buckle up for the fantastic agricoaster ride!

Because in this article we will know how to grow blueberries in our hydroponics unit!!!

can you grow blueberries hydroponically
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Blueberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries are our beloved fruits, and have been consumed by people around the world for tens of thousands of years. And above all, since blueberries have come under cultivation in the 20th century itself, you may find less competition and relatively more chances to establish your agri business.

Can we grow Hydroponic blueberries ?

Well yeah, absolutely. While traditionally, blueberries have been collected from forests and it is only now when scientists have created the varieties that would give better yield when cultivated. And due to certain specific requirements, the plant is highly suited for a hydroponic system. We will go through them too in this article!

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Let’s start with why blueberries?

Blueberries are a power packed food to your health and ever since COVID-19, people have been trying to switch to healthy diets due to the awareness an epidemic did spread.

  • They are rich in antioxidants (will help your internal organs stay younger with less oxidative stress)
  • It is a small fruit full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • People counting calories! Strawberries have really less of them.
  • It helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level.
  • It potentially reduces blood pressure.

According to indexbox,

The global blueberry market is valued at $8.3 billion  and is expected to reach 2.3 million tons by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.5%.This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for blueberries from both developed and emerging markets.

More to it, even for the markets fruits have not yet been accepted, there is a potential of acceptance as processed products like can juice, candies, etc., So there is so much potential in the market.

The major importers for the raw fruits are Northern America and Europe.

can you grow blueberries hydroponically
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Which type of blueberries are good cultivars for the hydroponic system?

Actually what kind of blueberries you should grow is highly dependable upon the type of hydroponic system you have since you have to take into account the spacing you can provide to your plant since it is a spreading type shrub. There are more that 150 varieties of the plant today, try finding less spreading ones for a hydroponic system and also the ones suitable to your area of production.

Some varieties to grow in an hydroponic system are:

  • Duke
  • Earliblue
  •  Blutella
  • Puru
  • Nui
  • PBBB
  • Sunrise
can you grow blueberries hydroponically
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Environment that blueberries need!

While blueberries are perennial shrubs, they might not be tolerant to frost. So they need a bit of warmer temperature, but yes they also can not tolerate dry warm winds too and therefore they have to be better suited for protected cultivation. More to it, they need acidic soil and therefore since this acidity can be maintained in the hydroponic system but not land, this once again better in hydroponic system. Even blueberries need 14-16 hours of light so that must be maintained too. With all these your plants will yield much higher than a normal crop in the field and that too with better quality. Also, there will be less incidence of pest and diseases.

The requirements for the plant are:

  • Temperature: 20-25 degree Celsius
  • pH: 4.5-6
  • RH (Relative Humidity): 65-75%
  • Light: 12-16 hours
  • Sowing: done in spring months 
  • PPM: 1200-1400
  • Sulphur has also to be added. (80ppm)
  • Bees: 4-5 bee hives per hectare land

The best part is that you can grow them for years and years until they are economical to your hydroponic system. Just that the first year flowers have to be pruned without any harvest for the plant to survive.

Rest is good;)

Summing it up you should grow blueberries in your hydroponic system for the following reason:

  • Market demand is striking high
  • Competition is healthy
  • With more health awareness, market is ever increasing
  • Acidity can be provided
  • Light can be regulated
  • Pest and diseases will not affect
  • Better economic yield in the hydroponic system
  • If not as such processed products can be sold out
  • For you and me to have 😉
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Hope this would have told you why you should take up blueberries for your hydroponic plant. And maybe I will get some delicious blueberries 🫐 as a bribe for this article in comments 😋…